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  • Attorney Marvin Karana was referred to me by a friend. From day one he respected and understood my situation. The letters and threats from the I.R.S were overwhelming. I'm a young man who hit a rough patch. I'm not a criminal or out to scam anyone. Attorney Karana understood this and approached my case on a personal level. Attorney Karana made himself available to me which made the situation much less stressful. Mr Karana was able to stop the threats and show the I.R.S my side of the story. He was able to get me a unimaginable deal. The settlement changed my life. Mr Karana was with me every step of the way. Explaining what was going on and our strategy to handling it. I consider Marvin a life long friend and somebody I will definitely look for guidance in the future.
    MAY 25, 2017
    Posted by ANONYMOUS
  • My husband and I sought Mr. Karana's expertise to resolve an issue with our State and Federal Taxes. The first thing that struck me was that he did his best to calm my anxiety and fears. It was a terrifying situation for me and I was feeling quite defeated. The services he offered were always very professional with the added advice to help us address our situation. He was always in contact with us and answered all questions and concerns promptly (even in the evening and on weekends). We have reached a resolution, thanks to Mr. Karana and are very pleased with the outcome. We would highly recommend Mr. Karana and appreciate his expertise and excellent service. Thank you, Marvin!!!
    MAY 24, 2017
    Posted by DOROTHY
  • I consulted with Marvin after doing lots of research because I had a severe tax issue that was causing me extreme financial and emotional stress, and it was imperative that it was handled as expeditiously as possible. Not only was Marvin extremely honest, fair, and compassionate, he's also FAST! He has unquestionable integrity and undeniable knowledge in his field. I owed the IRS $70,000 and Marvin was able to reach an unbelievable settlement of only $500! I've recommended him to any one of my friends who've expressed tax ills or any criminal defense related issues.
    MARCH 4, 2015
    Posted by ANONYMOUS
  • Due to various reasons, I had created a large tax liability with the IRS. After speaking with various people, Marvin Karana came highly recommended as someone I should meet. I quickly realized that this was the person I needed. Marvin put my mind at ease by explaining my options and what to expect of the entire process. Every step of the way, he kept me informed on where things stood and what to expect. He is very knowledgeable and seems to have handled every possible situation when it comes to tax issues. He drastically reduced my tax liability and created affordable payment plans for me. I am very grateful for Marvin and would highly recommend his services to anyone.
    MARCH 4, 2015
    Posted by ANONYMOUS
  • Marvin was the 4th person that I went to for help with the same case... He was the only lawyer that could get my problems resolved. I settled a balance over 100k for $15.00. Yes you read that right I said $15.00!!
    MAY 25, 2018
    Posted by Ryan
  • Very professional and delivers outstanding results. Highly recommend Mr Karana.
    NOVEMBER 2, 2017
    Posted by SAMI

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